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The characteristics of the Steel Wooden Cable Reel

Time:2015-07-01 09:07:43Hits:736
The characteristics of the Steel Wooden Cable Reel 
1. The mobile type Steel Wooden Cable biennial Reel broad scope, can splice gb universal plug. 
2. The socket material, performance is good, made of high quality pure copper stamping molding, surface plating nickel, ensure the plug more than 5000. 
3. The coil material, engineering plastic panel, not variant flame retardant. 
4. The high security protection grade, highly sensitive thermal overload and leakage protection. 
5. One-piece engineering plastic coil, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature and low temperature deformation, can be in - 20 ° 70 ° man work 
6. The wide range of applications, which are widely used in petrochemical industry, iron and steel smelting, electricity, electronics, mining, railway, construction site, airport, mining factory, hardware machinery, port terminals, shopping malls, hotels and other kinds of industrial and mining enterprises. 


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